Air Travel
As of Jan 2007 everyone needs a current passport to enter Mexico You go through immigration upon arrival, showing your identification. You need to keep the bottom portion of your tourist card in your passport (filled out on the plane) as you are required to turn that back in upon departure (you will pay a fine and be delayed if you lose it).

After immigration, you will claim bags and go through customs. Mexico has a push button system. If you get a green light, you proceed through – the entire family will proceed through. If the light is red, they will quickly search your bags. If you are taking along a friend of your children, you will need special documentation. Check with your airline for current requirements.


Rental Car or Taxi
You do not need a car in Sayulita because everything is within walking distance. Even for day trips, you can use the reasonably priced Sayulita taxis. You will find the number on the “Important Phone Numbers” list located by the phone in the house.

If you feel more comfortable with a car get one in advance. There are all the usual car rental agencies at the airport. The owners of Ventana al Mar recommend Gecko car rental in Bucerias they will pick you up at the airport and take you to their rental office 20 minutes from the airport. All insurance is included in their price. If you are going to go out of town to explore, we recommend it.

Casa Ventana al Mar is on the north end of Sayulita, an easy 10-15 min walk to town via the beach or the road. There is a short hill leading up to the house. Depending on your physical condition some guests may prefer a car or golf cart to get to and from town. You can also walk into town for dinner and take a taxi home from town for $50 pesos.


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