For it's size, Sayulita has an amazing collection of boutique shops, hippie markets, upscale dining and of course...muy rico street food!!!!  Here is short, very incomplete list of our favorites.  Like Sayulita, it is a work in progress:
 Coffee - Chocobanana.  Opens at 6:30am

Breakfast - Miscellania / Anchor 


Day tacos - Naty's 

Pastor tacos - Ivan 

Meat tacos - Toño 

Carnitas - Pietros 

Pizza/ Italian - Rustica  

Popsicles - Wa-ki-ka 

Mexican - Itacate or Mary's 

Fish tacos - Matiz 

Seafood - Barracuda

Classic Food- Don Pedros

Thai - Achara 




Pizza - Venezia 

Food - Tropical House

Bakery - Paris Delice 

Breakfast - Bonita 

Coffee - El Fortin 

Ceviche - Estrella Del Mar 

Beach - Campion food truck 


Dance / Party



Private Beach Club

Punta Sayulita

50$/ person against food & drink


San Pancho  

Restaurant - Limbo 

Pizza - Punte Pizza 

Tamales - in front on Kiosko  


Punta Mita 

Lunch - Makai (seafood) 

Festive - deMita (formerly si señor) 




Surf rental - Lanazul 


Farmers Market 

Nov- April  

10am - 2pm


Favorite Beach 



Best Margarita - Le Zouave  

Best Shop - Pachamama  





R2byRoss - Revolucion 57

All kiosks on Calle Delfin 



Home Goods

Revolution del Sueño 

Evoke the Spirit 



Tierra Huichol (Huichol beaded items) 

Hippie market (Pom poms!) 

Nakawe Trading


Food Markets

Alas Blancas - general store with great selection

Mi Tiendita - general store with great selection

Terrenal - upscale organic market with food, vitamins etc...


For incredibly in depth reviews of various restaurants and dining options, please visit Kien Lam's blog, Where and Wander